Capter XII – What have I done

Yesterday, I talked to Robert about my plans to purchase a 160 cm (63") wide aquarium in the near future. Of course he wasn't so excited about me spending MOAR MUNNEH. But I wanted this since foreverrr.

So I came up with a ridiculous ultimatum for myself. It says that I won't get to buy the aquarium before I have lost 5 kg of weight. And not to buy FISHES for it (10,- € per Discus fish), before I've lost 15 kg altogether.

UGHH WHY BRAIN, WHY. I'll just never eat ever again. 8|



And a aquarium about thiiiis big:

That's not too much to ask for, now is it? ;_; /sob 



Hello to those rare people who are still stalking this blog once a while. I appreciate your staying. (even though I update rarely as fuck)

Robert and me were taking a walk together. (yes, not separately) And since he's usually got his iPad with him, we went to a place where the sun still shone. (It was a late evening and the sun was setting) Unfortunately, that very place was a huge road with heavy traffic. And there was no bench or anything to sit. But oh well. We just sat on the sidewalk and started sketching around. (well, I did, Robert was just sitting and saying "no that looks stupid" once in a while. He's so helpful <3)

This is what we got:

The building was not supposed to look that crooked.

Yay clouds

We had a small "drawing contest" in front of my apartment where Roberts bike was parked. He drew something that looked much like a paper-clip with wheels. I drew WRING WRING.
(the "W" in it was his idea though)

Additionally, I'll update you about the status of the WIP (work in process) picture I re-touched. It's still not done yet, but only like 1 or 2 hours are missing for it to be done. BUT I'M SO LAZY LATELY. But hey, I lost like 1,5 kg. :D Yay. /random

It's all not right yet. /o\
Hello Wiebke! *waves* I'll link this to her so she'll know that I'm working on it again. :D

Nano Update

Yes, really just a very very small update about my nano cube aquarium.

It developed quite well.

The End – Bye Tiggi

At least you won't feel any pain now.
You were the best cat. For 14 years and forever. ILY.

Chapter X – Men

See what I did there? *points at title*
Here, have some old drawings I dug up from my googlemail, where I sent pictures to myself from my work. (yes, I drew stuff at work. I'm hardcore like that)I will post this here and right now, so I don't have any excuse anymore not to re-touch them and finish them soon, so I can take those down, or at least so you do not only see those messy scraps. :'D
The leg is off.
And yes, she doesn't have eyes yet.
Okay, this one turned out really bad so far.
I researched a bit about low carb vegetarian food on the interwebz. And after a couple of articles, I went back to all the articles about diets, healthy diet, losing weight etc. etc. Now this made me feel all frustrated and I thought, why would I have to struggle with this kind of crap so much, while it comes so easily to others, who can just eat anything without gaining weight?

I'm not even completely sure why I didn't finish this one, because it's not that bad so far, is it? Well, I guess I only forgot about it in my googlemail. A classic case of out of sight, out of mind.

This one shall be my first victim. I NEED to fix it. In the first place, because the friend I wanted to do this commission for is desperately waiting for it, since about 5 months x.X and secondly, because it really looks like crap so far. D: And I can't let that shame rest on my shoulders. ;-;


I believe I found "the answer" after reading a couple of forums and yahoo questions and stuff about "How the fuck do naturally slim people eat?", they all said the same thing, they didn't follow any diet plan or kept themselves from all the tasty stuff, because they'd be afraid to gain any weight. They just never think about stuff like calories and fat and whatsoever. They just ate when they were HUNGRY.

They almost even forget to attend some meals during the day, they simply don't feel hunger before they do, thus they eat when they are hungry, and stop when they're full, not when the plate is empty.

They just ate when they were HUNGRY. ;_; 

It's so easy actually, I always confused appetite with hunger. /sob
From now on, I'll try to only eat, when I'm actually hungry. Not when my mouth is drooling from some tasty looking food on the interwebz or w/e.

God Satan, please give me the wisdom to differentiate between the two. ;A;


Chapter IX – Getting really good with roman numerals

Phew. Yesterday I've had a cleaning rush, so my apartment is in exceptionally good shape right now. Today morning that rush was almost gone completely so I just put some clothes in the washing machine and let it work for me. But now I have to hang out the washing. NOOOOOOO. /lazy =(

May it rot in that laundry box forever.

Anywho. I then decided: I shall draw! But I couldn't really think of anything creative (that's pretty hard in general lately), so I just drew a half naked bitch with long hair. Bitches love long hair.

Yea uh, well that's it folks! Actually, I'm prolly gonna doodle around on Roberts iPad for a bit today, since he's coming with me to my cousins "youth dedication ceremony". Even though we don't go to the actual ceremony (THANK GOD.) but only to the bowling game afterwards and then the feast! 

Yay, free foodz!

Chapter IIX – Thy iPad shall soon be MIINE!

No seriously, I need it.

So as you know, my boyfriend bought himself an iPad for his birthday. Now of course, I block it during any minute of free time to play on it. He even bought me some drawing apps! (♥) I like the Paper by Fiftythree one the most so far. The watercolor tool is pure genius. I don't think even my Photoshop got such a nice brush effect. If only someone knew how to put my settings to make it look like those. D:

Some of the pictures might look pretty edgy and sloppy, but that's probably only because I still use my fingers to draw, because the touch pen for iPad is not on it's way from Amazon yet. Robert wanted to buy me one (♥) when he also buys a case for the iPad, but he hasn't decided on one yet >:(

Yaay fingerpainting! *actslikea5-year-old*

First doodle. But BOOBIIIIES!

Then I wanted to try something more difficult, but I guess there's not use in it without a pen. My lines get pretty messed up and the shapes are all wrong. /sigh

Some chinese forest. On FIREEE. Yay! No really, I like it.
As soon as theres a pen to add better details, I'll rock this app.

There my laziness showed it's ugly face.
I hope to add more of these / better ones later :D I will SPAM you with it.

Chapter VII – Happy Birdyhat

As promised, some pictures.

This is my actual 80 cm wide aquarium.

This is a 10 litre nano cube I got for my Birthday. I bought some roots and mini-shrimps for it,
it looks way better in reality, but my cam sucks bigtime. :3
You can almost see the "Red Fire" Shrimp behind that leaf.
But only almost.

Yes, this is my nightstand.

And that's Phoebeee! And if you look hard enough you can see the "Happy Birdyhat" candles in the package  infront of the tulips. It's an anagram. :> You wonder what from, right? It's very hard to figure out, isn't it.

Time to cuddle with the cat and watch the shrimps go off about the roots of that floating plant in the cube. They're really active. :D

Chapter VI – Millions and hundreds of faces

Or maybe just two.

So here are those faces I promised. Yaay faces.


One pretty, the other one emo.

One lucky ninja is having a pretty good time with her

Gosh, tomorrow it's back to work. Bleh. Easter wasn't so relaxing after all. Two family reunions on one extended weekend. Please kill me. x_x

At least I got nice presents for my birthday. But more on that later.

Chapter V – Running out of digital paint

This picture took me way too long. The digital paint and time I've spent fixing this face I could've probably used for sketching another million better shaped and proportioned faces. But oh well, I wanted to finish it at all costs, no matter how ugly the outcome. AND I DID. Hurr.

So based on this screenshot I took from my over-customized (note the half-naked sprites for Ebony Armor) Skyrim Client:

dat armor

... to draw this piece of shit artwork I am not so proud of. But at least I like some things about it. The overall content though is questionable.

I should probably draw more of those millions and hundreds of other faces rather than drawing one and taking a day to finish it. x_x *furious sketching*

Oh Shugo

I am working on some portrait/skyrim fanart currently, but that's a bit harder than drawing landscapes, so it's just gonna take me a while more. Enjoy this song as a placeholder. :D