Chapter IIX – Thy iPad shall soon be MIINE!

No seriously, I need it.

So as you know, my boyfriend bought himself an iPad for his birthday. Now of course, I block it during any minute of free time to play on it. He even bought me some drawing apps! (♥) I like the Paper by Fiftythree one the most so far. The watercolor tool is pure genius. I don't think even my Photoshop got such a nice brush effect. If only someone knew how to put my settings to make it look like those. D:

Some of the pictures might look pretty edgy and sloppy, but that's probably only because I still use my fingers to draw, because the touch pen for iPad is not on it's way from Amazon yet. Robert wanted to buy me one (♥) when he also buys a case for the iPad, but he hasn't decided on one yet >:(

Yaay fingerpainting! *actslikea5-year-old*

First doodle. But BOOBIIIIES!

Then I wanted to try something more difficult, but I guess there's not use in it without a pen. My lines get pretty messed up and the shapes are all wrong. /sigh

Some chinese forest. On FIREEE. Yay! No really, I like it.
As soon as theres a pen to add better details, I'll rock this app.

There my laziness showed it's ugly face.
I hope to add more of these / better ones later :D I will SPAM you with it.