I was giving up my sleep for this

Day 6 - BED

Failed comic-style fav book doodle -

"The girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making"

Yes, it's a long title.

Day 5 - Starting to lose it

I'm writing this in the middle of a drawing block in it's puberty. It's going to get a lot worse now and doors will be shut down noisily in heated arguments with myself. 

Day 5 - My best friend Lydia (even though it doesn't look like her, and yes, she is that hot 8D)

 Meh. I like to curl up in my bed and don't do anything. Thats really relaxing. This summer is a waste of time. D: I'm FREEZING.

Drawing Video

Yay, I finally have the promised video of how I draw the Holy Koi picture! 8 long hours of drawing and editing were squeezed into 5 short minutes for this. (credits to my boyfriend Robert for mixing it together <3)

Note: How I added the main texture, that stretches over the entire drawing, isn't shown in the video. I wanted to spare you the flickering of me trying out various kinds of texture overlay effects.

I might change it with a video of better quality later on, but I wanted to add this before I go sleep, so you'll have to deal with the 480p version for now.

Today's challenge: My favourite place

And we all know where that is. (and where I am going to hop into in a minute)

Started drawing it on Tegakie.com; then, getting frustrated with the limitations of the color pallete, and ending up fixing major mistakes and finishing it in Photoshop. 

Gosh, how I hate that there is no "pick color" on Tegakie. I always forget which color I used. I use half the time I sketch stuff there, for finding out which color I used for which part of the sketch, and which transparency it had, etc. etc.

I'm very un-stealthy.

I played Assassins Creed today on my boyfriends PC while he was constructing parts for his Quad-Copter project with his little friends. I guess they had some kind of playdate! And I was this close to going crazy, due to really hard missions, where one mustn't be detected whilst approaching the target.
Gosh, that took so long to finish. But now I have the Altair Armor, and I'm looking very attractive with it on. Well, Ezio does.

Anyway, since we've gotten incredibly early off of vocational school (10 am), I could manage to finish another page (the sixth one!) of Polar Night. And I even went to work to scan it on the fabulous scanner they have there! Oh, I'm awesome.
Well I'll try and shade the page tomorrow, and upload it with the video I recorded of how I drew the "Koi Korra" picture. So stay put for that.

Todays challenge: Draw your favourite food. I did it on Roberts iPad, using the App "Paper", so you can't really see what its supposed to be, because of the sketchyness. (Also because I am incredibly bad at drawing food and actually making it look like the food it's supposed to be.)

It's supposed to be curry rice with peas, peppers, corn, onions, various other vegetables, and scrambled eggs.


Today's challenge was drawing my fav animal. The choice was easy and most obvious.


No. The ACTUAL challenge today was finishing this &%(§/$* fifth page.

Damn, it is getting harder and harder to keep on drawing in a regular pace. But it's worth it. At least I tell myself that when I'd rather watch The Big Bang Theory all evening instead.

It's nice imagining to have a finished comic soon, though. So I shall keep going. Even if it kills me. ;~; And my sex life.

But I don't mourn the latter. x3

30 Day Challenge

I find myself in delightful pChat sessions with some rather talented new friend: Stlkrct

It was so much fun that I stayed up until 1 am (now) and decided to take on a drawing challenge with her as my motivational partner! (because without one, I'd just not do something like that)

This is the challenge:

And this is the Day 1 pChat doodle:

This is supposed to be me, but you and me both know very well, this is SO not looking like me. Where's the chubby fat, where the greasy hair and where are the glasses?! (At least the dark circles around the eyes are accurate!)
Well I'ma tell ya. I lost some weight, I SHOWERED and I wear contactlenses! HAH. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it now?

Boy, this orange juice must have had alcohol in it.

Hey, but as a sober side note, I forced myself to finish that fifth comic page today! You know what that means; tomorrow I'll force myself to even SHADE it and then upload it for you! Yay me!

Oh lord!

Thanks for 1000 views this month! (and it hasn't even ended yet! :eager: ) It's funny because I only have 5k views in general. xD;

Woah, woah, woah!

I got the title "Aikos Favourite" this week on http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/fanart/ !

Picture of proof (for when it's not on the front page anymore) : 

I'm the one with the rainbow-fishies in the thumbnail. :D

Woah, this is awesome. I never thought drawing a bit more for one month already pays off like that. I've got a lot of amazing response at deviantart as well! Most people are eager for my new fancomic to progress, and I keep disappointing them by taking very long for each new page. ;3; /sob But they're still with me, mostly!

Damn, I have a roll with drawing lately. I just hope it doesn't go to waste anymore, when I feel unmotivated again. ;-; I'm really moody.

Since I am a girl.


Page 4

This is the latest page, I just finished it today.

I gotta focus on drawing more pages away from school from now on, since the summer break will eliminate the opportunity of drawing when I'd have nothing better to do. Oh gosh, I cannot figure out why I decided to work through the whole summer. This is going to be horrible.


I just booked a 12 days trip to the greek coast of cyprus in autumn. Awesome snorkeling time lies way ahead of us. Waaaaay ahead. /sob

Snorkeling. Pfffrt.

What a word.

Mako is a real hotty.

Always with the lame puns.

Stayed up late, AGAIN. To draw this hot piece of junk:

I guess I'm on a drawing roll. <3 I like the Korra fandom. it's sooooooooo motivating.

Zzz. sleeeeeeeeeep. /want ;_;


I really forgot to upload the shaded first page of the comic? Woe me.

Well here you go. Don't worry, in a final post, when I drew all pages, I'll post the complete comic with the right order of the pages.

Fancomic Update

I just realized I haven't blogged this yet. :D It's late, so I shall go to bed! I'm so sleepy all day, but as soon as I get home - cleaning, drawing, blogging, chatting. Lol. I feel not sleepy at all. Scumbag body. :C

Page 2 and 3 of Polar Night

Oh and some nice song I'm currently listening to.

Holy Koi!

See what I did there? However, I'll just quickly dump this here and then go back to drawing again. Even if this took me 8 hours already. ;u; But I have to train my drawing muscles!

Video WIP

There will be a video. And there will be a finished version of this, COMING SOON. :D

Polar Night

Geez, I've wanted to blog something all week and kept getting distracted. From, you know, going running because of feeling guilty from eating too much. And drawing. And watching Big Bang Theory. Busy week. However, in the time of the week that I drew, I managed to color one sketch which turned out to become the cover of my new Korra fancomic which I plan to draw.

Here the sketches that I drew in my sketchbook while I was at school:

Okay now behold, the edited version!

It's kinda not very spectacular, but it works.

I would post the finished pages (shading and speechbubble-wise) but I kinda left them on my work PC. I'm a naughty one, coloring stuff while I'm at work. Te he he he. Deal with it.

But tomorrow! Promised.