Good day my lovely stalkers, friends, and lost wanderers.

Today was an exiting day. Today was an awesome day. Today I could drive a caaaar since aaaagesss. Wheee.
And it wasn't just an average sized car, noo, it was one of these huge transporters from work. Lol, These cars are fucking big. I was so afraid to try it with such a huge car after 5 months without any practice. But a guy from work guided me through the humble start and it worked out better than I thought. I guess it really is like riding a bike, you won't eber forget how to.
It's amazing how cool they were about letting me drive with their businesscars. Also today I got great feedback from a customer about the invitationcards I designed. Guys from work sent her E-Mail with the credits right to me.
God, I enjoy work alot these days.

Chibi and I were RPing a little on TegakiE, but not alot. Maybe we'll do some more later, but atm the two of us can't be online 24/7 so we barely catch eachother to go on.

This is how far we are atm:

I shall call it - The smokes-alot-lady. (It's a part of some kinda short drawing-Roleplay me and Chibi did for 5 or 6 panels, but I'll only upload my stuff here, because there was no "plot" whatsoever anyway. XD)

That's the only thing I drew today. (and some sketches in my sketchbook wich I'll scan later) I only read a little Ragnarok fanfiction from a friend tonight and advertised my blog to more friends that I force to read this now.
There's a drumming noise inside my head
That starts when you're around
I swear that you could hear it
It makes such an all mighty sound

Tonight we had a blackout in our tiny sleepy town. It lasted 30 minutes. I actually didn't care because my netbook had a charged battery and my surfstick is enough to browse a little through tegakis. (eventho it's veeeery sloooow)
But I couldn't scan my sketchbook earlier.

I ♥ my netbook.

Drew this dedicated to Marina and the diamonds. /loves

Lol I don't even know

My mom bought new shoes for the wedding of an old friend of my parents at saturday, but she said they were too large for her, so I asked to have them, because they're actually pretty beautiful. They're white strappy heels...
Now I wore them one day and I already can't stand them anymore. xD My feet hurt so bad wearing them. Do I really have so huge feet? Sob.

I'm looking forward to the wedding tho, because my girly mind reminds me that I may wear overdone pretty dresses and cute shoes and accessories that night.
-girly squeek-

Yesterday I only doodled around a bit, because it was late and I was lazy, so I didn't wanna take so long before I go sleep. I drew two pics tho.

This was... an accident. I was zoomed in on the canvas without noticing it... until I uploaded it and asked myself where my pic dissapeared to, lol. But I liked it even better this way, so I just added the bloody eye and kept it that way.

Smoking can reveal hidden laser traps.

Last few days were kinda bland, so I'm gonna make it short (again).

Pay attention to Hali!

I go bed! Cus I tired!

Good news and bad news.

Bad news is: My favourite Ragnarok Online Server will be closed at the end of the month. This is the end of a whole era that changed my life.

Thank you AmistrRO.

What were the good news? I forgot...
Oh wait, right, I drew something NOT-MESSY. Hohoho. I know, now you think "wow, I didn't think that was even possible anymore!"

Hah! I guess you didn't know how eclectic Hali is!
Hurr tits.

I took too long to draw this, so I gotta make it short.

Love y'all.
Watching World Cup finals. Spain vs. Netherlands

Wow, this is a rude match. (still running) 8 yellow cards after 45 minutes and like 264373929384 fouls. One foul (from netherlands player) that should've costed red, was only rated by the referee as a yellow card, eventho it clearly was an offensive foul and actually almost criminal assault of the player of the netherlands.
This match only makes me shake my head atm. They fight too much without even one goal yet. Well lets see how the rest of the match is going. The kraken in the news of the Sea World Aquarium predicted that spain will win. (and he predicted the defeat of germany vs. spain in the semi final, too)

Anyway, it will end up with extra time and penalty shoot-out anyway.

Last night I sat alone on my balcony, looked at the stars and smoked cherry cigarettes. It was awfully cheesy. <3

Today I felt like I was living in a desert. Even now it's 25°C with 75% air humidity. Ghh.
So I decided to go swimming today. The hard part was to set off to drive all the way to the lake by bike. With felt 52°C in sunny areas.
When I finally made it there, I found a tiny space on the crowded beach for my stuff and jumped into the water right away.

It was so worth it. The water felt perfect. I swam right through the lake to the other side of the shore and back, tanned myself for 2 hours till I decided that I'm too bored to stay. I jumped back in once more to cool myself down before driving home and put my dress on while I was still dripping wet.
When I arrived home, I had to shower tho. It was just /too hoot/ outside.

Wish me luck to sleep with this air humidity lol.

Spain won 0:1. Why am i not surprised?
...Oh, right, the kraken. :D

Earlier, I bought a pillow for babies. It's colorful, fluffy and butterflyshaped.
I'm weird. I love it.

This last day of work before weekend passed by awefully slow.

I actually made a pretty layout for an invitation for a summer party my company is hosting next month. It was more like a spontaneous thing, because my supervisor suddenly asked me to re-do the boring last-years-design. >)

But after I finished that. My energy was gone. Like, totally. I didn't sleep the night before and was lying half asleep on my desk till I realized it's not really good if the reception girl sleeps during work. Staring at my watch didn't make time pass faster, but I just couldn't focus on anything to do. Not even drawing.

When I arrived at home I drew some tegakis, to relax my mind.

Shortly before going to bed I got the idea to draw that girl. I didn't wanna forget it, so I drew a 5 minutes sketch in Open Canvas:
It's looking much different in the end. Haha

Wednesday: World Cup match of Spain vs. Germany.
High expectations.

I was so exited to watch it with Lydia; right after work I drove to her place and rang her doorbell.

Nothing. Tried calling her on her homephone (her mobile was broken).
Nothing. Tried ringing the doorbell again. Is she actually home yet?
When I called her again, a sleepy Lydia moaned a silent "Helloo?".

Me: "Yeah, hi, Lydia, what about I watch the Game with you now?"
Ly: "What? Noo, I don't want to." (Translation: "Go awayyyy, I wanna sleeep *hiss*")
Me: "mmkay, fine I'll drive home then."

While walking through the huge city towards the mainstation I mentally prepared myself to be watching the most awesome soccergame of the year at home, without anyone to celebrate with, if they win. The fans on the streets were making loud noises screaming, laughing, singing and hooting with their cars, to celebrate germanys soccer team before they actually won. Just made me more dissapointed that I have to go home to my sleepy boring town.

While sitting inside the train (waiting for it to depart) I thought about how fuck'd up this is, and tried calling Lydia again.

Me: "And you are really certain that I may not watch the game with you?"
Ly: "Ah well, if you bring food, you can come here to watch it. I actually wanted to watch it with you anyway."
Me: "... You didn't sound like that during our last conversation."
Ly: "Yeah I think I was annoyed because I was half asleep."
Me: "Noticed." "Be right there."

And they LOST 0:1. Sob.
Ahh--- and I fucking bought a fucking huge germany flag for this game. 13 € ;_;
I frankly got no idea on what shes lying.

Not in a good mood :/
Random pictures on my PC:

Who can find the starfish?

The wide panorama was made out of 10-11 photos.

I love her. <3


Lady Gaga- Alejandro was still saved in my Winamp on my PC as the last played song.
Mmh, fine. *turns the volume up*


I'm back from an ... interesting weekend with my best friend Lydia. We cooked, we shopped and we watched the fucking awesome Soccer World Cup Match of Germany vs. Argentinia.
Ahh... don't be sad Argentinia. I can't stand handsome guys crying.

We were commenting about the goodlooking players and laughed at the trainer of argentinia, wich is some sort of mafiaboss, I think.

Other subject. For example: I started smoking these delicious cherry tobacco cigarettes. I don't regret a thing.
And if its killing me, then its gotta be that way~

Work is tiring. I even started reading that book I borrowed from Ly, just like a machine. I'm almost done with it, and I'm about to buy some books of an author called Henry Miller. He wrote some pretty explicit sex-romans I'm interested in.
I bought that package of cigarettes the day before yesterday, and it's almost done. Stressful days.

Artsy tiiiime. Yaaay. *overdone cheerful*

I'm too embarassed to show what ugly shit I drew when drawing at Lydias place while we were waiting for our food to be done cooking 2 hours.

But I like this oneI drew at home:

Cutenessspam. <3
Secrets about Hali:

  1. likes to lie on the floor/grass to cuddle her cat
  2. listens to piano music when staring out her rooms window
  3. listens to electropop when staring out of the train window
  4. wants to be just /a little/ different than everyone else
  5. thinks that drawing into her sketchbook on the train would make her seem intellectual
  6. never cleans her own room, but keeps every other room in her parents house clean (and helps cleaning friends rooms)
  7. got a table and chairs in separate parts underneath her bed for when she moves out
  8. is plotting to steal her parents cat when she moves out

When I came home today, I decided not to lazy around till going to sleep to be fit for another day of the same old routine. Instead of that I installed my scanner drivers new (fuckshit §%/&Ä'*# driver) and scanned my bad sketches.
If you remeber the first post, I promised to scan them in whenever I'm bored. And oooh god am I bored atm.
Later tonight I looked through my sketchbook and noticed that theres nothing in it thats actually fucking worth showing.... but I'll show them anyway, because thats what I do in this blog.
Posting my poor sketches.


The sitting girl is from a 1-minute-sketches-flash, because I just wanted to try it.

Lydia said that the Hali on the left is ugly. :( (i hate u lydia)
And I like the 2-minutes-sketch on the right. The anatomy is so wrooong tho lol