Chapter IV – The deep deep forest

I'll try to practice more of scenery and landscapes from now on, so I did this speedpainting before I'm going into lazymode for the rest of the weekend. :> Took me 1 hr.

It's far from perfect, but if I practice it often enough, I'll be better at that too. >:3 And then I can get back to drawing ugly white-background-faces-crap. OTL

Chapter III – Dat clouds

Now here's something I'm actually pretty proud of. (Just finished it, you're the first ones to see it!)

Told ya I was gonna draw more backgroundy stuff. TOLD YA. Eventhough this is more like mostly-sky-stuff. But that'd be practice too, wouldn't it?

The figure isn't supposed to me much of a character, more like some eyecatcher, if the fluffy clouds aren't enough to satisfy your eyes. So just don't mind her. LOOK AT DA CLOUDS.

The funny thing about is that the person probably was the hardest thing about the whole picture. Clouds are easy to draw. :| But it was a lot of fun! (Still, took me about 5 hours)

Now I ordered stuff on Amazon for myself for my own birthday (a handbag that was only 10 €) and a little something I bought for my boyfriend, because his birthday is right after mine. It's unfair though, while I get myself a 10 € bag (that I need), my boyfriend is buying hiself an IPAD (32 or 35 GB). Just For Fun.
(more precisely, for watching movies on it and hipstering around)

I am poor. /sob

Interlude – I'm rly sry

This is not ENTIRELY my fault! /o\

Chapter II – Dinosaurs in a tutu

This is the product of this weeks drawing. More white background crap. Yay! I missed you, my dear white background. *nuzzle*

My (apparently) failed attempt of restarting my Ragnarok Online carreer brought me together with the only class that I can semi-decent control again. High Priests FTW! - they hot.
I don't think RO gives much stuff to do away anymore. The person who invited me to play there doesn't even show up. Yes, I mean you James. >:( Arrr.

But I like the yellow ribbon headgear so much ;-;
There's a lot of hair in this picture

In my drawing rush I felt like paying my debt to a RO friend whose request I couldn't finish, even if he had already paid me. And a half-finished commission is barely worth anything. (I seem to really, really suck on commissions for money, so I rather do them for free if I am in the mood.)

He asked me to draw his paladin:

 And I pretty much liked the style I tried on the first picture, with the closed portrait and the soft colors and stuff, so this is the finished product:

Wooshwoosh shiny swoosh

The crow hat is cute. The mix of headgears is kinda unusual, but I suppose I made the best of it. Only the face looks a bit too grown-up, but I guess I'll just soften the edges in his face later on if I feel like it.

I'm so bored out of my mind at work lately. D: It's like I just stare at the screen for 7 1/2 hours and suddenly realize that I got work to do, and start working right when I should actually get ready to leave. I guess it's because our country shifted to summer time on Sunday and stole me an hour. I am still feeling tired because I can't sleep that early yet, thus stay up longer than I should. /excuses

Jeff told me to draw a dinosaur, and Robert told me to make it wear a tutu. So the sketch I drew after that is not entirely my fault. /o\ But I wont post it here. The dino would otherwise be mad at me because he can't type a complaint to blogger because of his short arms. #thingsaT-Rexcan'tdo

Chapter I – What was that?

Why, hellow again. I came to realize recently, that I'm not yet finished with my hobby. So I'll try to update my blog again, at least once in a week I told myself. Let's see how that one works out this time. OTL

If one knew what was going on in my life, one could say I want to "compete" with some art student chick my best friend from school is banging these days. Art-wise, of course. He may bang her until his balls fall off, if that's what he wishes for.
He told me she was a pretty good artist. And I'm not gonna just let her be the new "best artist" in my friends life. I AM STILL THE BEST FOR HIM. MUAHAHA. I'm gonna draw the SHIT outta her-

... Wait, that got out wrong. Very wrong.
Scratch that.

Anywho. Here's my first attempt on drawing with a semi-background since a couple of weeks of white-background-crap.

Kinda thought of a thunderstorm abruptly ending a warm summerday. And sundresses! Yay!
If you look closely, there's a failed attempt of narrow raindrops falling from the sky.

I know, it kinda looks lollipop and the anatomy is all wrong. But hey, I tried!
Seems like my lunch break is over since about 30 minutes. Better get back to pretending to work. *cough cough*

P.S.: why is this image resizing not working anymore? Ugh. Well, have fun with full size!