Chapter I – What was that?

Why, hellow again. I came to realize recently, that I'm not yet finished with my hobby. So I'll try to update my blog again, at least once in a week I told myself. Let's see how that one works out this time. OTL

If one knew what was going on in my life, one could say I want to "compete" with some art student chick my best friend from school is banging these days. Art-wise, of course. He may bang her until his balls fall off, if that's what he wishes for.
He told me she was a pretty good artist. And I'm not gonna just let her be the new "best artist" in my friends life. I AM STILL THE BEST FOR HIM. MUAHAHA. I'm gonna draw the SHIT outta her-

... Wait, that got out wrong. Very wrong.
Scratch that.

Anywho. Here's my first attempt on drawing with a semi-background since a couple of weeks of white-background-crap.

Kinda thought of a thunderstorm abruptly ending a warm summerday. And sundresses! Yay!
If you look closely, there's a failed attempt of narrow raindrops falling from the sky.

I know, it kinda looks lollipop and the anatomy is all wrong. But hey, I tried!
Seems like my lunch break is over since about 30 minutes. Better get back to pretending to work. *cough cough*

P.S.: why is this image resizing not working anymore? Ugh. Well, have fun with full size!