Been lazy blogging lately. (forcing myself)
It's soooo hooooot here. I'm dying. Even now, 2 am. *only uses a bed sheet for sleeping*

We tried cooking today.Yeah. Tried.

It was meant to be curry, but it rather ended up to be a creepy mix of everything we found in Lydias fridge. Some samples: honey, garlic, milk, ginger, tomato puree....
(Last one made it taste more like tomato sauce than curry.)

It was... ok?
The only thing I know for certain - it didn't kill us.

Since I was back home later than usual, I drew later than usual, so I post this later than usual, thus I go to sleep later than usual. My apprenticeship starts this week. Then I can't stay up late like this anymore. sob.
Nothing actually really changes for me, I do all the graficstuff for my company and - in between - all the secretary-stuff I'm actually supposed to learn.
But: I have to work 8 hrs a day instead of 4 hrs -- aaand I just sneezed on my screen. Awesome.

Long story short: I have to work longer for earning less money.


Yay Boobies

Hoping for convenience food next time I visit Lydia. /says her prayers

What dreams may come

I don't mind being alone, keep myself to myself.
I walk the streets in the rain and keep my head down.
Cause I've been broken hearted and maybe I'm guilty of the same.
Suddenly something started, I'm like a moth into the flame.

Baby when our hearts collide.
We're leaving the whole world behind.

Its 9:30 am and I just woke up. Lydia and me had a drawingflash yesterday, we spammed a few Scraps on Tegaki E because we were to lazy to screenshot paintchat doodles.

Anyone knows "What Dreams May Come" ? (Hinter dem Horizont - Das Ende ist nur der Anfang)
This movie is /sooo saaad/. I cried my heart out, almost the whole movie through.
Must've looked pathetic. Haha

Arent they cute?

I was sketching the whole movie through, just a little of it made it to be a Tegaki tho.
AND I fucking tried to draw Sex and the City Fanart - no chance. I'd have to draw scenes of it while actually watching and then I'd rather prefer watching, don't you think. o_o

I had a grey-phase lately and I was trying to find back to colors with the shiny picture up there. Tegaki E is so troublesome about the colors, so hard to find the same color again, and theres no dropping glass or any other tool to pick any particular color. Annoying.
Yesterday was a successfull doodling day. Eventho I don't know shit about speedpainting, I enjoy fooling around with (digital) paint alot. If it would additional look good - it would be perfect.
I'm weak.
I bought vanilla flavoured cigarettes. D: But I didn't touch 'em.

Yet. ._.
After that last post I had the urge to draw something actually good and doodled a little on tegakie.com.

This post is pure frustration.

Today I did nothing. Nothing at all, it feels.

Actually I was sitting in a paintchat with my best friend to doodle some Characters of Supernatural in a comiclike Version (partially gay pairings included *brr*) I wasn't in the mood to draw, so I drew horribly.

Here (how a friend said before: ) to let you have a part (of my frustration):

Lydia asked me to draw MinxHali so I drew HalixMin. HARR, take that.
Hali and Min are our maincharacters of our old Ragnarok online Server Amistr RO.
Sigh, good times.

I like the sketch way better than the colored version. Been drawing too long on the same little details, no idea why. Just got pissed at the miniscreen I have to deal with on my netbook. (It's like 1/3 of the size of an actual computer) So I gotta scroll down to see the rest of my drawing. Anatomy is a pain, even more like that. There are no excuses for the ugly face tho, I just couldn't do it better.

I watched mooreee Sex and the City episodes today and I'm starting to feel afraid of reaching the end of season 6 (I think the same problem did Lydia have with the last seasons of Supernatural. I don't know what to do other than watching SatC anymore. Meeting friends? Lydia is only at home at the Weekends (when I want to relax and be by myself anyway) and from now on she'll at least be home in the evenings so I can visit her once in a while after work. Been missing her messy room and sitting on her tiny bed to gossip about everything new and old.

(and hoping to cook ~delishus~ dinners with Knorr sauces <3)

Other stuff I did today: Little Counterstrike European Championchip stream inbetween while drawing with Ly. And eating too much.

I was listening to this cool song: Sia - Breathe me.

Be my friend
Hold me
Wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
and needy
Warm me up
and breathe me...
I tried to give you up, but I'm addicted. - Muse

Is it controversial that I'm smoking alot to quit it ? I've been trying to end this package of cigarettes since days now (thank God I'm not a heavy smoker (yet?)). Because the repression to have to get up and buy a new package to start again would be enough to make me do other things instead.

So, I'm pretty much relying on my lazy ass to make me quit smoking.
Today Morning, I thought: Fuck yeah. Now I'm more like Oh noes...

God, I wanna move out closer to my work immediately. Home isnt bad at all, but... an own home is always... better?

Hmm, strawberry water. I usually don't even like those kind of flavoured waters. Just like I've never been interested in the Soccer World Championship before.
But hey... no risk, no fun.
Right, Honeybabe?

I was watching old Sex and the City Episodes tonight, just like the few evenings before. I love this show, it's so ridiculous and far away from what I'd call reality. I like.

I wanted to draw something shiny but emo. Did I do it ?

I'm in this supercool IT-company working as halftime secretary till I start my actually apprenticeship at their reception. The people are really awesome, but I think I'm not taking this serious enough yet. I think I'm messing up the whole way people see me. (oh yeah, also risking my job btw)

Today morning I woke up two hours later than I should and I went home 15 minutes before I was actually allowed to, to take the bus home and end this horrible stressful day. The female supervisor of my office called me while I was sitting in the bus home - I suppose my face froze while she talked to me. I expected something like "Fine, then you don't have to come again tommorrow."

But luckily she only made me have a guilty conscience the rest of the day.

I think I barely made any pictures really nobody knows, so most people that I forced to read this blog might be already bored to see the same drawings over and over again - but hey, I have to start with anything.

Old, old, old ...

Half (more like 3/4) of this sketchy birthdaycollab for the lucky boy in the middle was drawn by Platina. I really adore her Art.
More Collabstuff with Pla we never actually finished. It was either lazyness or.. or... No, I'm pretty sure it was lazyness. God, so many mistakes... Kinda like it tho.

Old old Tegakie. Hah, memories. (wish I was able to draw a Whitesmith-outfit correctly)

Okay, I'm too sleepy to go on. 5 hours of sleep is like half of the amount I want and actually need. Maybe next time. Yawn.
After a long time of bloglessness I decided to torture myself once again with a cute and overdressed blog for my digital- and sketchbookscraps.

Since I'm way too lazy to scan all the bad pencil drawings in my sketchbook, this blog will mainly contain digital drawings like Tegakis, Oekakis or stuff I doodle in Open Canvas whenever I get a weird flash of creativity. If I ever get my scanner to work the way I want it to, I might sacrifice one day to scan them.

The main reason I wanted this blog for was to force myself into drawing more and first of all try to draw /better/. I often hear critiques like 'Can you draw real people too?' - While I aways assumed that a face and a body are the only things you need to draw to make it look like a human.

However, their appraisements depressed my vagina. And now I /got/ to do something about it.