Chapter II – Dinosaurs in a tutu

This is the product of this weeks drawing. More white background crap. Yay! I missed you, my dear white background. *nuzzle*

My (apparently) failed attempt of restarting my Ragnarok Online carreer brought me together with the only class that I can semi-decent control again. High Priests FTW! - they hot.
I don't think RO gives much stuff to do away anymore. The person who invited me to play there doesn't even show up. Yes, I mean you James. >:( Arrr.

But I like the yellow ribbon headgear so much ;-;
There's a lot of hair in this picture

In my drawing rush I felt like paying my debt to a RO friend whose request I couldn't finish, even if he had already paid me. And a half-finished commission is barely worth anything. (I seem to really, really suck on commissions for money, so I rather do them for free if I am in the mood.)

He asked me to draw his paladin:

 And I pretty much liked the style I tried on the first picture, with the closed portrait and the soft colors and stuff, so this is the finished product:

Wooshwoosh shiny swoosh

The crow hat is cute. The mix of headgears is kinda unusual, but I suppose I made the best of it. Only the face looks a bit too grown-up, but I guess I'll just soften the edges in his face later on if I feel like it.

I'm so bored out of my mind at work lately. D: It's like I just stare at the screen for 7 1/2 hours and suddenly realize that I got work to do, and start working right when I should actually get ready to leave. I guess it's because our country shifted to summer time on Sunday and stole me an hour. I am still feeling tired because I can't sleep that early yet, thus stay up longer than I should. /excuses

Jeff told me to draw a dinosaur, and Robert told me to make it wear a tutu. So the sketch I drew after that is not entirely my fault. /o\ But I wont post it here. The dino would otherwise be mad at me because he can't type a complaint to blogger because of his short arms. #thingsaT-Rexcan'tdo