So much to update. Aaaaa.

Platina has forced me to upload the picture I finished yesterday to some anime/manga-fanclub website I joined back in the mid 00's. And hadn't updated it since a few years. Some really really embarrassing old pictures are in my gallery there still, but I don't bother enough to sort them out. I deleted my profile - the least I can do - which was even more awkward to read.
Gosh, have I been dumb as a teenager. *is proud to be out of the -teens now*

Here it is:

Yea, I know right? It's super thrilling.
I decided to actually get better in drawing again and re-edited some earlier version of it which I actually considered "done". It looked really sketchy still and there was no background, no depth, no highlights or structure. I hope I can call this finished now.
I highly recommend to watch "500 days of summer"; it's cute. It doesn't have anything to do with this picture at all, though.

I am not joined any RO-Server atm, so I'm kinda missing it. It's still my only fandom and I wanna keep drawing about it. I hope, someday, a nice low/midrate server without ridiculous custom items or retarded people will open and make me play it again, actively. Even if Real Life tries to suck all my living energy out.

So since I DECIDED I am getting better at drawing from now on, I finished another picture today (which I also wanted to give up on halfway). It shows my boyfriend and me with our future baby.

(No I don't have a baby and I don't plan on having one anytime soon, It's just a silly idea.)
I got my new Intuos4 a few days ago and I'm now trying to use most of my free time on drawing again; I was neglecting this lately. Used quite alot of time on this picture, since I'm kinda out of training and have to get used to an efficient workflow again.
(Not that I ever had one.)

Also - my boyfriend and I have our 9 months anniversary soon, so we could have a baby by now, in theory.
... Lol, yea, idek either.

This is my new tablet:

The pen of mine is not getting magically held up that way, tho. >:

Hi again.

I've been super lazy lately, and work is driving me mad slowly, so I haven't thought of blogging in a while. Now I'm damn out of my mind while sitting at work and I thought I could upload some commissions I drew for some RO people on my old server (which I quit meanwhile, due to the lack of freetime that I'm willing to use to grind my ass off). It was only for zeny. And as I thought of the mass of time I had to use on each picture, I realized I could've just aswell used the time to farm the money myself. It was rather frustrating.

This, for sure, is the most detailed/time-consuming/exhausting picture I've drawn so far. I think it took me serveral hours over a few days to a week. I'm sorta happy with how it turned out, just not-so-satisfied with the face of the knight and the peco; it looks like an alien.

Puppy. Murr.

(Can you see how much I felt like drawing this? The non-existent motivation is catching, huh?) Yeaa ... I didn't even like the person that I drew it for much. I felt a bit like a prostitute - maybe I should keep in mind to only draw pictures of motifs and for people I like the next time.

And I kinda need a private space for my own computer again, I'm thinking about buying a small table to draw/do stuff in my own room instead of sitting next to my roommate in the living room the whole time, feeling awkward. But I'd rather not move, but make her move, but her stupid ancient/halfbroken laptop won't allow internet usage via W-LAN. So I'm sharing my table - in reach of the router - getting even more frustrated.

Something naughty for the end. Much, much pedo. Hurr durr.