New Chapter – The Crisis

Okay so I'm digging this out. Probably not for all too long, but it has to be done. I also have to update my Deviantart account, so I'm just doing this in a row to get it over with.

My brownie-ex has left me! Yeye, that's how it goes. I suppose it's better this way, because now I can spend some time with real people in the real reality with all the real pixels and the really good graphics and the huge NPC AIs and stuff.

For better understanding, read this:

So yea, I'm standing on my own feet now and actually met a new PERSON. I can't tell too much about what's going on there yet, but this could eventually even end somewhere good. And I have a date tomorrow! And my life is all nice and fluffy and awesome again. Only my fingers smell a bit like french cheese.

I wasted my freetime with a lot of stuff lately, started playing Eden Eternal, started trying to draw some Eden Eternal fanart and failing tremendously on both of it and quitting again. (even though my character looked generic and cute)

And, yes, of course, blank background, because it is not really finished. Like EVERYTHING I drew in the past... 3 or 4 months is not finished nor very good. It's mostly like, you know, sewed together cheese and mushrooms.
...You get what I mean, don't you? I mean it just doesn't look right.

Perhaps gonna finish this *eventually*, because I like the overall face shape and freckles, only the eyes are drifting in wrong directions, but theres photoshop to fix this, right?

My personal "Girl-in-water-looking-kinda-dead" picture.

I like this one. Until I see the lower part. There I start hating it. But yea, most likely not gonna finish any of these.
I'm definitely in some creativity crisis, but I'm not stressing too much about it. (I probably should stress more about it and actually get back my ass back to drawing)

Damn, the upstairs neighbours here are really noisy walking aimlessly through their apartment. *stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp*
...Just thought I should share this.
For goodbye, have some NSFW stuff.