I've been busy, uhm... I've been-- working! anddd ... vocational school. And-- stuff. REALLY BUSY OK.

Fine I've been playing RO. But It's kinda fun even though it really sucks balls.

Today: Vocational School. We had to do an english test. Ha-ha. I know it's ridiculous.
Although I think I failed. Hard.

Wow, I can't even form one proper sentence anymore. qq I guess I better should start showing stuff I drew. Because thats what we're here for, right?


All the new stuff at first because thats what I can bear the longest time before I fantasize of killing myself then the older stuff.

This is a little something I drew for a friend from vocational school. He's sitting next to me in class and I drew him with the girl he'd like to be with, but he only ever saw her from the distance at the schoolyard. *chokes*

I personally like the blur/vintage look of it. It looks like an old photograph to me, just showing more anatomic mistakes and less emotion than a real photo would do. Lol.

A sketch I've been working on for weeks now, it feels. Only a few minutes of drawing each time I tried finishing it. Never worked. I actually wanted to draw her with a guy holding/fixing her right wrist. But I really couldn't see the other person infront of my inner eye.

I guess Hali just is supposed to stay the only person on this picture. So I'll give up on it except if anyone could name me a good idea for it.

I drew this for an ex-player of PhoenixRO. (he quit meanwhile already) The hair and armor and face sucks so baaaad. But this is just Tegaki E. I don't have to draw good on this.

I have problems drawing lately, because I can't really see what exactly I am drawing. That's why I didn't see how sloppy the vintage photo was done until I saw it on my big screen.
I managed to be stupid enough to step on my glasses when I stayed overnight at Lydias place once. Thus they are broken. And they're not gonna fix themselves anytime soon. (Not until Hermione came to good ol' Brandis to poke them with her magic wand mumbling weird spells and magically fixing the broken glass of them)
So I pretty much wear contact lenses 24/7 and only have like 78% of my visual vaculty left when wearing them. Still better than the 44% I have without anything.

Yay work tommorrow. I wanna stay in bed already. qq