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Sad stuff


My new friend, Stalkercat, and I had a minor art-trade. She drew me an adorable Pabu and Bolin and I drew, in exchange, some bad-ass Tenzin moves. Even though I'm not quite satisfied with this one. But you can't always be fully satisfied with yourself. Right?

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I know, slacking off two weeks and then posting two pages on the same day. I am lame like that. But hey, PROGRESS,

Art Block

I was still suffering from that fierce art block until last afternoon, until I started drawing another page for my comic. :D Yay!

Anyways, I'll post these sketches anyway so I can be embarrassed and will hopefully never ever produce crap like this anymore in the nearby future.

I always thought, though, that Bolins face is really hard to draw. How to make one look buff/strong and also cute and I'd-never-kill-a-fly at the same time?

100 Posts - 7k Views!

Thanks for 9 follower (probably actually more (stalker) :D) and almost 7000 views! This is my 101. Post, and I am very proud of myself for keeping a blog alive.

O noes, I didn't

ACTUALLY, this is not my favorite ship. But in a somewhat "breaking up scenario" I have no trouble imagine the two at all. xD

Uhh so many shiny sparks. *touch*

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I totally forgot to post this here, too. OTL

I am so far behind on my comic. If only I could wrestle up more energy after work to actually sit down and draw a new page. That'd be awesome. But meh. I have to work during the summer break, and I have a right to whine!

For that sake, please, ladies and gentleman, vote on that poll over there ->

Shame on me

Oh nooo, I have started a tumblrrr. OTL We all knew this day would come. But I'm saving my blog for the really important things! Like me ranting about how much I dislike working during the "summer break". Urk.

And I'm keeping my posts pretty much synchronized. So not much "new stuff there. But hey, you can reblog my pics! Yay.

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