Chapter III – Dat clouds

Now here's something I'm actually pretty proud of. (Just finished it, you're the first ones to see it!)

Told ya I was gonna draw more backgroundy stuff. TOLD YA. Eventhough this is more like mostly-sky-stuff. But that'd be practice too, wouldn't it?

The figure isn't supposed to me much of a character, more like some eyecatcher, if the fluffy clouds aren't enough to satisfy your eyes. So just don't mind her. LOOK AT DA CLOUDS.

The funny thing about is that the person probably was the hardest thing about the whole picture. Clouds are easy to draw. :| But it was a lot of fun! (Still, took me about 5 hours)

Now I ordered stuff on Amazon for myself for my own birthday (a handbag that was only 10 €) and a little something I bought for my boyfriend, because his birthday is right after mine. It's unfair though, while I get myself a 10 € bag (that I need), my boyfriend is buying hiself an IPAD (32 or 35 GB). Just For Fun.
(more precisely, for watching movies on it and hipstering around)

I am poor. /sob