I'm very un-stealthy.

I played Assassins Creed today on my boyfriends PC while he was constructing parts for his Quad-Copter project with his little friends. I guess they had some kind of playdate! And I was this close to going crazy, due to really hard missions, where one mustn't be detected whilst approaching the target.
Gosh, that took so long to finish. But now I have the Altair Armor, and I'm looking very attractive with it on. Well, Ezio does.

Anyway, since we've gotten incredibly early off of vocational school (10 am), I could manage to finish another page (the sixth one!) of Polar Night. And I even went to work to scan it on the fabulous scanner they have there! Oh, I'm awesome.
Well I'll try and shade the page tomorrow, and upload it with the video I recorded of how I drew the "Koi Korra" picture. So stay put for that.

Todays challenge: Draw your favourite food. I did it on Roberts iPad, using the App "Paper", so you can't really see what its supposed to be, because of the sketchyness. (Also because I am incredibly bad at drawing food and actually making it look like the food it's supposed to be.)

It's supposed to be curry rice with peas, peppers, corn, onions, various other vegetables, and scrambled eggs.