Drawing Video

Yay, I finally have the promised video of how I draw the Holy Koi picture! 8 long hours of drawing and editing were squeezed into 5 short minutes for this. (credits to my boyfriend Robert for mixing it together <3)

Note: How I added the main texture, that stretches over the entire drawing, isn't shown in the video. I wanted to spare you the flickering of me trying out various kinds of texture overlay effects.

I might change it with a video of better quality later on, but I wanted to add this before I go sleep, so you'll have to deal with the 480p version for now.

Today's challenge: My favourite place

And we all know where that is. (and where I am going to hop into in a minute)

Started drawing it on Tegakie.com; then, getting frustrated with the limitations of the color pallete, and ending up fixing major mistakes and finishing it in Photoshop. 

Gosh, how I hate that there is no "pick color" on Tegakie. I always forget which color I used. I use half the time I sketch stuff there, for finding out which color I used for which part of the sketch, and which transparency it had, etc. etc.