30 Day Challenge

I find myself in delightful pChat sessions with some rather talented new friend: Stlkrct

It was so much fun that I stayed up until 1 am (now) and decided to take on a drawing challenge with her as my motivational partner! (because without one, I'd just not do something like that)

This is the challenge:

And this is the Day 1 pChat doodle:

This is supposed to be me, but you and me both know very well, this is SO not looking like me. Where's the chubby fat, where the greasy hair and where are the glasses?! (At least the dark circles around the eyes are accurate!)
Well I'ma tell ya. I lost some weight, I SHOWERED and I wear contactlenses! HAH. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it now?

Boy, this orange juice must have had alcohol in it.

Hey, but as a sober side note, I forced myself to finish that fifth comic page today! You know what that means; tomorrow I'll force myself to even SHADE it and then upload it for you! Yay me!