Chapter VII – Happy Birdyhat

As promised, some pictures.

This is my actual 80 cm wide aquarium.

This is a 10 litre nano cube I got for my Birthday. I bought some roots and mini-shrimps for it,
it looks way better in reality, but my cam sucks bigtime. :3
You can almost see the "Red Fire" Shrimp behind that leaf.
But only almost.

Yes, this is my nightstand.

And that's Phoebeee! And if you look hard enough you can see the "Happy Birdyhat" candles in the package  infront of the tulips. It's an anagram. :> You wonder what from, right? It's very hard to figure out, isn't it.

Time to cuddle with the cat and watch the shrimps go off about the roots of that floating plant in the cube. They're really active. :D