Chapter IX – Getting really good with roman numerals

Phew. Yesterday I've had a cleaning rush, so my apartment is in exceptionally good shape right now. Today morning that rush was almost gone completely so I just put some clothes in the washing machine and let it work for me. But now I have to hang out the washing. NOOOOOOO. /lazy =(

May it rot in that laundry box forever.

Anywho. I then decided: I shall draw! But I couldn't really think of anything creative (that's pretty hard in general lately), so I just drew a half naked bitch with long hair. Bitches love long hair.

Yea uh, well that's it folks! Actually, I'm prolly gonna doodle around on Roberts iPad for a bit today, since he's coming with me to my cousins "youth dedication ceremony". Even though we don't go to the actual ceremony (THANK GOD.) but only to the bowling game afterwards and then the feast! 

Yay, free foodz!