Chapter X – Men

See what I did there? *points at title*
Here, have some old drawings I dug up from my googlemail, where I sent pictures to myself from my work. (yes, I drew stuff at work. I'm hardcore like that)I will post this here and right now, so I don't have any excuse anymore not to re-touch them and finish them soon, so I can take those down, or at least so you do not only see those messy scraps. :'D
The leg is off.
And yes, she doesn't have eyes yet.
Okay, this one turned out really bad so far.
I researched a bit about low carb vegetarian food on the interwebz. And after a couple of articles, I went back to all the articles about diets, healthy diet, losing weight etc. etc. Now this made me feel all frustrated and I thought, why would I have to struggle with this kind of crap so much, while it comes so easily to others, who can just eat anything without gaining weight?

I'm not even completely sure why I didn't finish this one, because it's not that bad so far, is it? Well, I guess I only forgot about it in my googlemail. A classic case of out of sight, out of mind.

This one shall be my first victim. I NEED to fix it. In the first place, because the friend I wanted to do this commission for is desperately waiting for it, since about 5 months x.X and secondly, because it really looks like crap so far. D: And I can't let that shame rest on my shoulders. ;-;


I believe I found "the answer" after reading a couple of forums and yahoo questions and stuff about "How the fuck do naturally slim people eat?", they all said the same thing, they didn't follow any diet plan or kept themselves from all the tasty stuff, because they'd be afraid to gain any weight. They just never think about stuff like calories and fat and whatsoever. They just ate when they were HUNGRY.

They almost even forget to attend some meals during the day, they simply don't feel hunger before they do, thus they eat when they are hungry, and stop when they're full, not when the plate is empty.

They just ate when they were HUNGRY. ;_; 

It's so easy actually, I always confused appetite with hunger. /sob
From now on, I'll try to only eat, when I'm actually hungry. Not when my mouth is drooling from some tasty looking food on the interwebz or w/e.

God Satan, please give me the wisdom to differentiate between the two. ;A;