Hello to those rare people who are still stalking this blog once a while. I appreciate your staying. (even though I update rarely as fuck)

Robert and me were taking a walk together. (yes, not separately) And since he's usually got his iPad with him, we went to a place where the sun still shone. (It was a late evening and the sun was setting) Unfortunately, that very place was a huge road with heavy traffic. And there was no bench or anything to sit. But oh well. We just sat on the sidewalk and started sketching around. (well, I did, Robert was just sitting and saying "no that looks stupid" once in a while. He's so helpful <3)

This is what we got:

The building was not supposed to look that crooked.

Yay clouds

We had a small "drawing contest" in front of my apartment where Roberts bike was parked. He drew something that looked much like a paper-clip with wheels. I drew WRING WRING.
(the "W" in it was his idea though)

Additionally, I'll update you about the status of the WIP (work in process) picture I re-touched. It's still not done yet, but only like 1 or 2 hours are missing for it to be done. BUT I'M SO LAZY LATELY. But hey, I lost like 1,5 kg. :D Yay. /random

It's all not right yet. /o\
Hello Wiebke! *waves* I'll link this to her so she'll know that I'm working on it again. :D