Mr. Crabs is in town

Since I'm bored and trying to distract me from eating, I'll show you the remaining pictures I've made.

Phantom kitty. :D I love my new cam.

Just making recent pictures of all the aquariums I have now.

There it issss. There are still roots and stuff missing, but I'm literally broke at the end of this month and I need to wait until I get my paycheck. :|

I unconsciously ordered those plants in groups of the same kind. OCD much.

My glas shrimp Loki being badass in his corner. He keeps trying to attack my fingers when I show it to him from outside.

These rainbowfish were my labrats for trying out if the water specs for my big new aquarium. But don't you worry, nonono! I went to the zoo shop the next day and they told me my water was just fine. :3

It's a bit empty now wih the plants mostly in my big aquarium, but it's for the greater good!

Look at this crab. LOOK AT HIM. He is huge and scary. He's the boss. And my brother (it's his crab) has some kinda love/hate relationship with him. Mr. Crabs does look badass, but he also hates plants. Any plant that my brother tried to grow in there was MURDERED brutally by his steady cropping pinchers.