One fine glass box

I PROMISED. So here they are. Well at least some teaser pictures. The completely "furnished" aquarium will be posted soon, too. But right now I just wanna show off how BIG it is.

At first I thought it was 2 m wide. Because it seems way more gigantic  in reality than it looked on the photo.
But as the next picture proofs, its really only 1,60 m.

We've had way bigger trouble getting it than I've had expected. In and out of the car it made scratches all over the furnishing, up the stairs and in my apartment was only possible with my boyfriends parents using a ladder and a rope to make some kind of construction to carry it upstairs. I didn't even carry it most of the time, but that was enough work for one day already.

Worrying about it breaking all the time also made me slightly grumpy.

It's my precious °-° It's an extern filter that takes the water through a pipe out of the aquarium, inside that filter and back into the aquarium, again through a thin pipe. This way I don't have a giant filter inside the aquarium anymore and it looks more natural. *.*

And usually it would cost 100 € alone but I only paid like 100 € for the whole aquarium plus cupboard and filter. Woo!

Phoebe was very interested in the smell of all the new things. She also constantly jumped inside the empty aquarium, that was lying on the couch for the rest of the week. You know. Up on the backrest, down into the aquarium, and then miaowing miserably as soon as she wanted out until someone came and took her, because she couldn't get out herself.

Stupid cat.

This is my old, tiny aquarium (120 l), stuffed with all the plants that I have collected for the day that I would have to fill an aquarium more than thrice as big as this one (400 l).

I don't have an "after" picture of both my aquariums yet, but I tell you that the amount of plants I had is not quite sufficient.
Big giant motherf***ing thing.

And that's the cupboard that came with it, a day after we've got the aquarium.

More pictures coming soon~~~

P.S.: I'm at 8,5 kg weight loss. :D 9 to go. RAAAGE.