Sketch Dump

Well, it is a drawing blog afterall. So I ought to upload some drawings now and then. And it's not like I wasn't drawing at all lately. It's more like I don't draw while being at home anymore. School is the only place where I can draw in peace, because what else would I have to do right?

My scanner from work is really good, so I abused it for my sake. Be prepared! It's the whole best-of of my sketchbook, which is almost full. (took me long enough, about 11 months or so.)

Nekkid Studies

My "original" character Kimmiro (means falcon)


Some kinda "stunt" by Kimmiro, but it's not too dynamic. :-/
My old High Priest
My old High Wizard

My old Sage

Skyrim skimpy Armor Mod (colored with copics)

Skyrim skimpy Armor Mod

We went Quad-biking once. 'twas awesome.

Made with copics and a tip-ex pen.