Capter XII – What have I done

Yesterday, I talked to Robert about my plans to purchase a 160 cm (63") wide aquarium in the near future. Of course he wasn't so excited about me spending MOAR MUNNEH. But I wanted this since foreverrr.

So I came up with a ridiculous ultimatum for myself. It says that I won't get to buy the aquarium before I have lost 5 kg of weight. And not to buy FISHES for it (10,- € per Discus fish), before I've lost 15 kg altogether.

UGHH WHY BRAIN, WHY. I'll just never eat ever again. 8|



And a aquarium about thiiiis big:

That's not too much to ask for, now is it? ;_; /sob 



FOXER said...

hi Hali, this is Fuilan.
Mushroom gave me your website, so I just wandered around here. :>
miss your artwork so much! you did improve a lot~ really.
Hope you are doing okay there, greetings.

Hali said...

Herro Fui! *_* Thanks for stopping by! I still stalk your dA Account aswell!
Seems the both of us don't have as much time as usually to do what we enjoy most. /sigh