Chapter Whatever – RAAAAGE

*shoves it in your face*

Damnit. Curses!

It's not at all like I imagined it to be when it's at this stage of process. Her Hair is too fuzzy and the staff looks like a giant gloomy dildo with backspikes. And not to mention the super crazy mathafakka background. /sigh

Yes. The last version of it until this version took me like two or three weeks. It's true. I can't draw fast. But I didn't even have the time lately, anyway. I was busy training in this stupid gym and sitting down on my couch when I get home and stare in my aquarium and do nothing. Very busy. And most of the time it end up with my arm stirring through the aquarium, annoying all the poor sick fishies.

My neon fishes had the Ichtyo. It's a sickness where they get white dots all over, and those white dots apparently killed 20 of 27 fishes. And the remaining 7 still got badly torn fins. ARRR.

I hate losing weight. It's exhausting and it doesn't go too well when you're actually craving for greasy and spicy food all the fucking time. I stuff myself with fruits and curd cheese with baby carrots. BUT I STILL DON'T LOSE ZE WEIGHTZ.

Last lunch I started fantasizing about what I could probably eat. Spicy rice with veggies. Or noodles with pesto. Mmm..


In the end I just ate a tiny  slice of bread with half a cheeseslice and salad.


Haylee said...

Hey! I just wanted to say your art is AMAZING. Oh, and good luck with trying to lose weight, I'm currently doing the same.