Chapter XIV – Forcing myself to draw :|

I was slacking on drawing again lately, and as usually it starts bothering me after a week or two of no drawing progress at all. So I looked at doodle of a character, which I drew at school in my sketchbook, and made up some kind of bigger illustration with her in it.
I shall upload the original doodle of her next week, when I can get to it.

And as usual, the sketch looks way better than the colored version. Even if this is still WIP, But I'm not sure that I'll finish it anytime soon. I still have to retouch that sorcerer pic (Ragnarok Online) and the commission with the red wizard. First thing tomorrow will be fixing that awful face that I drew the redheaded Wizard on that pic before though. It grosses me out every time I go back on my blog. D:

Despite not actually being 5 kg lighter, I will get the aquarium I wanted (160x50x50) on Saturday. I will not yet fill it with water though - I couldn't - even if I wanted to cheat my way out of my losing-weight-challenge; because I lack the necessary insurance for such a giant thing. It'd weight about half a ton and it only takes 1 m² of space for it. So it might be a bit dangerous to do this without any insurance. I would've gotten the insurance anyway, because it covers most of bad things that could happen to me or others because of me. So whatever, I will wait until I can meet the challenge requirements. /fatty

To do List for tomorrow:
clean that disgusting bathroom
fix that disgusting face
eat less than today.