I fail in keeping up a blog. I fail in life, in drawing, in staying in touch with people I like and being satisfied with what I have. I fail in general. (?) (having a really unfortunate day)

Today's biggest fail was the commute here. There were so many things going wrong, it's sort of sad and hilarious at the same time. :(

First thing was my bus being late. Thus we couldn't catch the train, so we had to wait one hour in 20°f (felt like -4°f to me because of the wind and snow) outside. So when the train finally came, it was so bursting stuffed, I was scared I couldn't even exit at my station. qq (and almost didn't make it). Deutsche Bahn company wich organizes all the trains and shit in Germany really is acting retarded. They add 2% additional charge every 6 months, so it's getting more and more expensive with time. But still they don't quite manage to run two wagons at the same time anymore to fit all passengers in without the feeling of a squeeze cage.
O lord, good thing I don't have to bear with this for much longer. I so regret I hadn't moved earlier, this really is a burden.
Anyway, so when I reached my station, the bus was late. 6_6 When I entered the Tram I wanted to take instead, it BROKE right after it tried to start driving. What the-- Did I not notice a black cat running from left to right the other night? Or was it from left to right?! IDK.

When I finally arrived at work, first thing I noticed was my messed up hair. I sweat alot with beanie on so it got all steamed and messy and not even a comb could make it straigth again. /fail
And RIGHT in that second I try to fix my hair a visitor arrived and I had to welcome him in the most embarassing shape ever.
I washed my hair under the water tap later, it was better after. /swt

Everything is not alright. imo.