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I try to drink water and tea to lose some weight. D: Lydia has always been right. qq Soda can't be good.

It's interesting how many stories about people exist, that have been stuck on a trainstation or in an Intercity Express during this winter. I got no idea how to describe this years winter.
Extreme? Icy? COLD?
The trouble started with the first day of snow. Trains running late or stuck on railways in the middle of nowhere because of frosted switches or even doors that could not be opened on the trainstations since they've been completely covered with ice. Trams, o god trams didn't run at all because the overhead contact lines were frozen over and the electricity couldn't float. (respectively the lines *could* have been damaged if the tram would try to drive on tho)

Later today: Guess what, I missed the train. I'm sitting in the next train one hour later and it's standing still. It didn't even drive 300 m yet. I wonder what is wrong this time. I suppose another train that just passed us in a really slow motion was the train we waited for. But we're still not driving on.
Anyway, being late for the train 6:25 pm gave me enough time to do some errands, such as buying new nailpolish and a tiny little christmaspresent for my bestest friend. I didn't exactly know what to get, and if she'd even like it, but at least I hope so. and if she doesn't like it at all she can still give it back so I can have it

Another train just passed us. We're the only train being stuck between station 0 and 1. It's annoying. They shouldn't have started when they knew we'd be stuck like 200 m away from the trainstation anyway. Ugh.

Another thing I had to do was that I went to Saturn (some German pc-shop) to ask about how sending my slightly broken O² Netbook in to get it repaired. I should stop throwing it on the ground srsly. /swt;; But yea. They told me they wouldn't make it before christmas, but I don't exactly care as long as it is before I move out, because I'll prolly not have much internet for a while after moving, at least nothing fast/stable. And I'm using my Netbook as my MP3-Player atm, so I don't really want to give it away. I'll try and send it in on the 3rd of January 2011 or something, so they have about 3 weeks before I really need it back.

I hope the guys of O² are more reliable than germanys train company, since we STILL fucking stand in the middle of nowhere and nothing is moving back or forth, the driver isn't telling us why the hell we still stand here (it's 30 minutes late already and we still can see the station we started from behind us) and there's no information at all.

Another 5 minutes later, the train finally started driving again. Finally! We're 35 minutes late and I'm so missing my bus and prolly will have to wait for the next bus in the cold. As

Winter should stop being so cold imo. Where's this global warming everyone rants about?