part 1

Yesterday, when I woke up, I had the feeling I had wasted another weekend, so I had the female urge to get up and actually be productive. I've been lazy and unproductive four more hours after I first had that feeling. 6 pm I started to clean my room, finally put the fresh clothes that I had standing around in boxes blocking the whole room since weeks in the closet and moved everything of music, pictures and other work related files into the external harddrive I got last christmas and never touched ever since then.
Then I stuffed my poor tiny laptop with the whole files I pooled. And it's still not even half full. :| I thought 1.5k songfiles and 5k pictures should be enough already, but I guess I've always been a clean and boring person. lol
Usually I mess around with the computers system when cleaning my PC in a cleaning bloodrush because I keep deleting really important files for booting by accident.;;; At least my pictures and music and all the other important stuff are save now. hah.*win*

I made plans for starting to play ro again christmas holidays because I miss the fandom. (It's pretty much the only fandom I've ever had.)
So does anyone know any decent low-rate server?
Not much lower than 7x tho, I still have a life. Lol. I'll put up the shoutbox again later today, so feel free to suggest one.

Some Old RO pictures I didn't consider good enough to get uploaded. But now I don't have anything else to post, so suck it bitches.

My hair was all messy and long since a few days, so I decided to cut it after all. I tried not to cut too much tho, since I wanted to let it grow. It'll grow eventually. D:

My cam sucks.

I miss smoking.
But it'll only be for a month lil' Hali. Hang in there.

Addicted? ...psh.

energy drinks > coffee