I drank too much energy drink. I haven't even eaten after lunch yesterday and all I ever did since then was looking through template BBCodes for this Blogspot. (It didn't even matter that I was at work while I did so)
BBCode seems to be really fun, it might become a new passion of mine? (even though I couldn't ever write a whole page on my own, at least not in this life)
How I can be so sure? Well, I haven't eaten...

The energy drink this evening definitely was a mistake. I'm not even slightly tired and its 2 am. (I gotta get up at 6) But at least I got a new layout, that's all that matters, right?;;;;
It took a little while till I figured out how this BBCode works, but in the end it's very similar to forum editing and so on. My actual plan was to move my blog to livejournal, and what I did is I tried to do the same I just did with the template. But LJ just seems pretty complicated to me and I don't have the motivation/time to figure it out. Blogspot seems perfect to me. Idek why LJ's community is so much bigger.