50s fail

I've been trying to finish this stupid picture since Sunday, I kept passing out right after coming back from work so I couldn't finish it till yesterday. At least it's 'finished' (backroundless) now, and I worked too long on it to not post it.

The face sucks so bad. x_X That's the part I'm most unhappy with.
Though, there are so many other things I dislike about this picture, that I better don't start listing them, because there are only 30 minutes of my lunchbreak left.

Yesterday was so annoying. The print office complained about the tiniest mistakes in the flyer we were trying to print. And since they always call my supervisor, instead of me, she got more annoyed with every call. In the end I was about to yell at her to stfu and let me do my job;;;;
Fortunately I didn't.