Today morning I could walk through an awesome winter-wonderland when I had to walk to the busstation. <3 Better than any fairy tale.

I only slept like 4 hours and didn't eat anything since yesterdays lunch. Not a good combination people would think, but I actually was really awake for once. Like all the times I thought I slept enough I actually just slept too much.

Vocational school seemed like a ridiculous joke. All we did was singing and listening to my desk mate Jonas (he is a truly awesome guitarist) and some random girl of the class that was supposed to sing for us. All she did was complain really. And we mostly had to force her into singing for us or to talk to Jonas about what he's supposed to play. This chick was so annoying. But Jonas was actually playing really good.
Listening to so much music makes me wonder why I never tried to learn any instrument earlier. :/ Hopefully I'll have enough endurance to really learn how to play piano. If I buy a keyboard I don't wanna have wasted the money if I don't stick with it.