I think I barely made any pictures really nobody knows, so most people that I forced to read this blog might be already bored to see the same drawings over and over again - but hey, I have to start with anything.

Old, old, old ...

Half (more like 3/4) of this sketchy birthdaycollab for the lucky boy in the middle was drawn by Platina. I really adore her Art.
More Collabstuff with Pla we never actually finished. It was either lazyness or.. or... No, I'm pretty sure it was lazyness. God, so many mistakes... Kinda like it tho.

Old old Tegakie. Hah, memories. (wish I was able to draw a Whitesmith-outfit correctly)

Okay, I'm too sleepy to go on. 5 hours of sleep is like half of the amount I want and actually need. Maybe next time. Yawn.