I'm in this supercool IT-company working as halftime secretary till I start my actually apprenticeship at their reception. The people are really awesome, but I think I'm not taking this serious enough yet. I think I'm messing up the whole way people see me. (oh yeah, also risking my job btw)

Today morning I woke up two hours later than I should and I went home 15 minutes before I was actually allowed to, to take the bus home and end this horrible stressful day. The female supervisor of my office called me while I was sitting in the bus home - I suppose my face froze while she talked to me. I expected something like "Fine, then you don't have to come again tommorrow."

But luckily she only made me have a guilty conscience the rest of the day.


Kiki said...

Aaaaaaah... looove *-*
You should definitely draw MOOOORE!!!

Hali said...

Thanks <3<3<3 I will