Today Morning, I thought: Fuck yeah. Now I'm more like Oh noes...

God, I wanna move out closer to my work immediately. Home isnt bad at all, but... an own home is always... better?

Hmm, strawberry water. I usually don't even like those kind of flavoured waters. Just like I've never been interested in the Soccer World Championship before.
But hey... no risk, no fun.
Right, Honeybabe?

I was watching old Sex and the City Episodes tonight, just like the few evenings before. I love this show, it's so ridiculous and far away from what I'd call reality. I like.

I wanted to draw something shiny but emo. Did I do it ?


Kiki said...

yaaah.. i think you did it :)

Hali said...

Wow, how did you find this?

anyway, thanks for the comment. :)

Kiki said...

You always had the link in your msn thingy.. :D
I'm kisha btw :D

Hali said...

Ohh I wondered. xD Hii Kisha. Didn't even know anyone would look at this blog. =>

Kiki said...

haha.. surpriiiise :D