After a long time of bloglessness I decided to torture myself once again with a cute and overdressed blog for my digital- and sketchbookscraps.

Since I'm way too lazy to scan all the bad pencil drawings in my sketchbook, this blog will mainly contain digital drawings like Tegakis, Oekakis or stuff I doodle in Open Canvas whenever I get a weird flash of creativity. If I ever get my scanner to work the way I want it to, I might sacrifice one day to scan them.

The main reason I wanted this blog for was to force myself into drawing more and first of all try to draw /better/. I often hear critiques like 'Can you draw real people too?' - While I aways assumed that a face and a body are the only things you need to draw to make it look like a human.

However, their appraisements depressed my vagina. And now I /got/ to do something about it.