Been lazy blogging lately. (forcing myself)
It's soooo hooooot here. I'm dying. Even now, 2 am. *only uses a bed sheet for sleeping*

We tried cooking today.Yeah. Tried.

It was meant to be curry, but it rather ended up to be a creepy mix of everything we found in Lydias fridge. Some samples: honey, garlic, milk, ginger, tomato puree....
(Last one made it taste more like tomato sauce than curry.)

It was... ok?
The only thing I know for certain - it didn't kill us.

Since I was back home later than usual, I drew later than usual, so I post this later than usual, thus I go to sleep later than usual. My apprenticeship starts this week. Then I can't stay up late like this anymore. sob.
Nothing actually really changes for me, I do all the graficstuff for my company and - in between - all the secretary-stuff I'm actually supposed to learn.
But: I have to work 8 hrs a day instead of 4 hrs -- aaand I just sneezed on my screen. Awesome.

Long story short: I have to work longer for earning less money.


Yay Boobies

Hoping for convenience food next time I visit Lydia. /says her prayers