What dreams may come

I don't mind being alone, keep myself to myself.
I walk the streets in the rain and keep my head down.
Cause I've been broken hearted and maybe I'm guilty of the same.
Suddenly something started, I'm like a moth into the flame.

Baby when our hearts collide.
We're leaving the whole world behind.

Its 9:30 am and I just woke up. Lydia and me had a drawingflash yesterday, we spammed a few Scraps on Tegaki E because we were to lazy to screenshot paintchat doodles.

Anyone knows "What Dreams May Come" ? (Hinter dem Horizont - Das Ende ist nur der Anfang)
This movie is /sooo saaad/. I cried my heart out, almost the whole movie through.
Must've looked pathetic. Haha

Arent they cute?

I was sketching the whole movie through, just a little of it made it to be a Tegaki tho.
AND I fucking tried to draw Sex and the City Fanart - no chance. I'd have to draw scenes of it while actually watching and then I'd rather prefer watching, don't you think. o_o

I had a grey-phase lately and I was trying to find back to colors with the shiny picture up there. Tegaki E is so troublesome about the colors, so hard to find the same color again, and theres no dropping glass or any other tool to pick any particular color. Annoying.
Yesterday was a successfull doodling day. Eventho I don't know shit about speedpainting, I enjoy fooling around with (digital) paint alot. If it would additional look good - it would be perfect.