When I came home today, I decided not to lazy around till going to sleep to be fit for another day of the same old routine. Instead of that I installed my scanner drivers new (fuckshit §%/&Ä'*# driver) and scanned my bad sketches.
If you remeber the first post, I promised to scan them in whenever I'm bored. And oooh god am I bored atm.
Later tonight I looked through my sketchbook and noticed that theres nothing in it thats actually fucking worth showing.... but I'll show them anyway, because thats what I do in this blog.
Posting my poor sketches.


The sitting girl is from a 1-minute-sketches-flash, because I just wanted to try it.

Lydia said that the Hali on the left is ugly. :( (i hate u lydia)
And I like the 2-minutes-sketch on the right. The anatomy is so wrooong tho lol