Such gibberish

Weekend break is ovarr. Back to drawing!

I'm actually constantly drawing nowadays, mostly in my sketchbook, and mostly when I should listen to teachers in school instead. Anyway, I almost filled it up! (the last few pages really look like I wanted to fill it up with ANYTHING though) Yay.

Tomorrow, I shall scan those messy sketchbook pages! To please my 6 readers!
Yes indeed. I do have 6 readers. At least according to this amusing little gadget called poll, that I put on the sidebar to fish for sympathy votes. Because I'm so alooone. Boohoo.
Why only 6 you ask, if it shows 7? I was pitiful enough to vote myself. NOW GUESS WHICH ONE I VOTED.

I drew something ridiculously awesome today. I actually started Thursday or so, then I let it rot during the weekend and picked it up again today to finish it. I'm actually proud of this one. the fake-easy background adds wonderfully to the grace of the textures I put all over this goddamned thing. But hey it looks alright.