Sketch Dump

I love my office scanner. No, really.

These are all from Friday and Monday, when I was sitting in school, all bored. Jonas was sick – AGAIN. So no one to talk to. I spent literally 2/3 of the whole school day sketching or daydreaming. Or both.

Well I've been interrupted now and then, because we had like three tests on Monday alone. Ugh. But whatevs. 
Quickly serving the needs of those grade-greedy teachers and back to drawing nonsense.

I feel my grades already getting worse though. It's mostly because when Jonas isn't around, he can't be a bad influence on me. (He really sucks in school) And thus I won't get the urge to not let myself get sucked into his bad influences, thus, I will get worse in school, because I don't try anymore.

Meh. It's not like my grades are horrible (yet).

Prepare yourself for 16 scans. Lol, I really rushed the last ones though. I wanna fill this stupid sketchbook.

This bitch is gonna conspire something with the Equalists later on, I'm sure. The way she jelly'd about Korra and Mako was too obvious.

And I love Chi Blockers. Their outfit is awesome. :D *drawdraw*

The last picture shows the scythian, the heroine, of the game "Sword and Sworcery" included in the Humble Bundle. It's a set of games you *can* donate for. The games are really awesome. Such as "Limbo" and the Sword and Sworcery Game. Haven't really tried the other games out yet but I'm sure they're just as good.

Anyways, in the game you have some kinda pixel figure. I've tried to draw it in a rather realistic style. I liked the game, I liked my heroine. Finished the game yesterday and I'm sad it's over. :<