Sorry to dissapoint, but no drawings this time. Just an update about my aquarium, which R and me took good care of this weekend. We installed an organic CO² construction to enhance the plants growth.

It worked out even better than we thought, because before there has always been a slightly milky tint in the water, since I've furnished the aquarium. It's bacteria which still hadn't decided whether to be useful or not. The CO² construction kind of balanced out the water, thus it completely cleared out.

Note: This is the difference of one day. Don't mind the plants that were added, they're from another aquarium  and I plan on growing them in the CO² water until I have a construction for every aquarium.

^This is the construction. If I had known that this was so easy to make, I would've done this years ago.

Loki being Loki. Chillin' in the hood.

My two big boys. They're so cute when they munch on algae.

A shot from a geocaching trip I did with R. A storm was approaching while the meadow was still lighted by the sun.

And that's it. I'll make sure to draw more during the week.


Anonymous said...

Da fuuuuuuuuuu?
Ich dachte schon, du benutzt den Blog gar nicht mehr :D

Anonymous said...

Oh ja, die isses! :D
Naja, Blog, ich spam hier immer mal irgendwelche hässlichen Skizzen hin XD
Und als wir und das letzte Mal gesprochen haben, hast du mir den Link zu deinem Blog geschickt :) Seitdem stalk ich dich so ein bisschen :D
Wohne (noch) bei Mutti, also wenn du dich nicht zu weit verdrückt hast steht dem nichts im Wege! :D Besitze auch ein Auto, kann mich also ohne Probleme fortbewegen XD
Wann hast du denn Zeit? :3