School and work are boring as shit and I still feel overstrained.
I just can't handle standing still while everything around me is moving.

I know, it's much fun to judge about other peoples lives. But it's even more fun to complain about my own live. I don't have enough stuff in my real life that's worth ranting about, it's the same routine over and over again.
Leaving at 7 am and coming back home at 7 pm.
Leaving when it's dark and coming back in the dark.
Going to sleep after eating, chatting and watching some Grey's Anatomy.

A little fight with one of the few friends I got left actually seems like something new and exiting, wich is a sad thing to think about. The only two people I ever talk with anymore are my best friend and my boyfriend. They consume the 3 hours of freetime I've got left per day. Thus I barely ever draw anymore. And if I do, it's something I'm just not satisfied with. The faces always look the same, I never do anything special with the positions, it just looks stiff as hell. I really would like to practise more, but when? at work I can't just get my sketchbook out and draw whenever I got nothing to do. So I mostly talk to my boyfriend on msn if he's online or just browse lame websites instead.

Every Monday and Friday I have to attend vocational school (so today, too). Actually relaxing because I'm at home early. If it wasn't only two days a week but a whole week in a row.
It's really annoying, we gotta study about office organization and we gotta deal with so much unorganized and random shit all of the time.

I want christmas holidays.