I feel like screaming. But I'm just so tired.

Life sucks, did anyone ever mention that before?

My best friend somewhat... betrayed me, in my eyes. Moving in with her now seems like a mistake. But. Everything was prepared for moving in together. Everything was alright. I just don't get what makes a friend you've known for years before that, do something that awful that even I can not immediately forgive her. She did so much shit to me before that. She did shit to herself and to her family. I never really punished her for it. And I didn't feel the need to. But now it's just... idek.

Additional, the second person in my company that was supposed to supervise me, the nazi supervisor of the two, left today. (I have another supervisor, but she doens't know shit about graphics. She is only good with the office shit.) A few days ago I was really happy she'd be gone from now on. But nowshe really is gone. I think even though she was the person that criticized me the most, she also was the one person in the company whos credit meant anything to me.

I think I have a weakness for exhausting people.

My boyfriend is living far far away from here. At least he's on a militar base in japan (far far away). If he'd come back home to the U.S. - Still, far, far away.
Exhausting too. But I'm happy. At least as long as he's around. That be like 3 hours a day.

I can feel how this crap is driving me insane slowly.

I wish my friends, life and work would try not to be that exhausting for once.