Watching World Cup finals. Spain vs. Netherlands

Wow, this is a rude match. (still running) 8 yellow cards after 45 minutes and like 264373929384 fouls. One foul (from netherlands player) that should've costed red, was only rated by the referee as a yellow card, eventho it clearly was an offensive foul and actually almost criminal assault of the player of the netherlands.
This match only makes me shake my head atm. They fight too much without even one goal yet. Well lets see how the rest of the match is going. The kraken in the news of the Sea World Aquarium predicted that spain will win. (and he predicted the defeat of germany vs. spain in the semi final, too)

Anyway, it will end up with extra time and penalty shoot-out anyway.

Last night I sat alone on my balcony, looked at the stars and smoked cherry cigarettes. It was awfully cheesy. <3

Today I felt like I was living in a desert. Even now it's 25°C with 75% air humidity. Ghh.
So I decided to go swimming today. The hard part was to set off to drive all the way to the lake by bike. With felt 52°C in sunny areas.
When I finally made it there, I found a tiny space on the crowded beach for my stuff and jumped into the water right away.

It was so worth it. The water felt perfect. I swam right through the lake to the other side of the shore and back, tanned myself for 2 hours till I decided that I'm too bored to stay. I jumped back in once more to cool myself down before driving home and put my dress on while I was still dripping wet.
When I arrived home, I had to shower tho. It was just /too hoot/ outside.

Wish me luck to sleep with this air humidity lol.

Spain won 0:1. Why am i not surprised?
...Oh, right, the kraken. :D

Earlier, I bought a pillow for babies. It's colorful, fluffy and butterflyshaped.
I'm weird. I love it.