This last day of work before weekend passed by awefully slow.

I actually made a pretty layout for an invitation for a summer party my company is hosting next month. It was more like a spontaneous thing, because my supervisor suddenly asked me to re-do the boring last-years-design. >)

But after I finished that. My energy was gone. Like, totally. I didn't sleep the night before and was lying half asleep on my desk till I realized it's not really good if the reception girl sleeps during work. Staring at my watch didn't make time pass faster, but I just couldn't focus on anything to do. Not even drawing.

When I arrived at home I drew some tegakis, to relax my mind.

Shortly before going to bed I got the idea to draw that girl. I didn't wanna forget it, so I drew a 5 minutes sketch in Open Canvas:
It's looking much different in the end. Haha

Wednesday: World Cup match of Spain vs. Germany.
High expectations.

I was so exited to watch it with Lydia; right after work I drove to her place and rang her doorbell.

Nothing. Tried calling her on her homephone (her mobile was broken).
Nothing. Tried ringing the doorbell again. Is she actually home yet?
When I called her again, a sleepy Lydia moaned a silent "Helloo?".

Me: "Yeah, hi, Lydia, what about I watch the Game with you now?"
Ly: "What? Noo, I don't want to." (Translation: "Go awayyyy, I wanna sleeep *hiss*")
Me: "mmkay, fine I'll drive home then."

While walking through the huge city towards the mainstation I mentally prepared myself to be watching the most awesome soccergame of the year at home, without anyone to celebrate with, if they win. The fans on the streets were making loud noises screaming, laughing, singing and hooting with their cars, to celebrate germanys soccer team before they actually won. Just made me more dissapointed that I have to go home to my sleepy boring town.

While sitting inside the train (waiting for it to depart) I thought about how fuck'd up this is, and tried calling Lydia again.

Me: "And you are really certain that I may not watch the game with you?"
Ly: "Ah well, if you bring food, you can come here to watch it. I actually wanted to watch it with you anyway."
Me: "... You didn't sound like that during our last conversation."
Ly: "Yeah I think I was annoyed because I was half asleep."
Me: "Noticed." "Be right there."

And they LOST 0:1. Sob.
Ahh--- and I fucking bought a fucking huge germany flag for this game. 13 € ;_;