Good day my lovely stalkers, friends, and lost wanderers.

Today was an exiting day. Today was an awesome day. Today I could drive a caaaar since aaaagesss. Wheee.
And it wasn't just an average sized car, noo, it was one of these huge transporters from work. Lol, These cars are fucking big. I was so afraid to try it with such a huge car after 5 months without any practice. But a guy from work guided me through the humble start and it worked out better than I thought. I guess it really is like riding a bike, you won't eber forget how to.
It's amazing how cool they were about letting me drive with their businesscars. Also today I got great feedback from a customer about the invitationcards I designed. Guys from work sent her E-Mail with the credits right to me.
God, I enjoy work alot these days.

Chibi and I were RPing a little on TegakiE, but not alot. Maybe we'll do some more later, but atm the two of us can't be online 24/7 so we barely catch eachother to go on.

This is how far we are atm:

I shall call it - The smokes-alot-lady. (It's a part of some kinda short drawing-Roleplay me and Chibi did for 5 or 6 panels, but I'll only upload my stuff here, because there was no "plot" whatsoever anyway. XD)

That's the only thing I drew today. (and some sketches in my sketchbook wich I'll scan later) I only read a little Ragnarok fanfiction from a friend tonight and advertised my blog to more friends that I force to read this now.