There's a drumming noise inside my head
That starts when you're around
I swear that you could hear it
It makes such an all mighty sound

Tonight we had a blackout in our tiny sleepy town. It lasted 30 minutes. I actually didn't care because my netbook had a charged battery and my surfstick is enough to browse a little through tegakis. (eventho it's veeeery sloooow)
But I couldn't scan my sketchbook earlier.

I ♥ my netbook.

Drew this dedicated to Marina and the diamonds. /loves

Lol I don't even know

My mom bought new shoes for the wedding of an old friend of my parents at saturday, but she said they were too large for her, so I asked to have them, because they're actually pretty beautiful. They're white strappy heels...
Now I wore them one day and I already can't stand them anymore. xD My feet hurt so bad wearing them. Do I really have so huge feet? Sob.

I'm looking forward to the wedding tho, because my girly mind reminds me that I may wear overdone pretty dresses and cute shoes and accessories that night.
-girly squeek-

Yesterday I only doodled around a bit, because it was late and I was lazy, so I didn't wanna take so long before I go sleep. I drew two pics tho.

This was... an accident. I was zoomed in on the canvas without noticing it... until I uploaded it and asked myself where my pic dissapeared to, lol. But I liked it even better this way, so I just added the bloody eye and kept it that way.

Smoking can reveal hidden laser traps.

Last few days were kinda bland, so I'm gonna make it short (again).

Pay attention to Hali!

I go bed! Cus I tired!