Ignore the title.

I have something I wanted to show you! My last update was so long ago that things that are already outdated for me should sound new to you. Like how I got my ukulele for Christmas. And how I got so crazy about it, and learned how to play it somewhat decently in like two months, that I wished for a guitar for my birthday and made my lovely boyfriend give me it two months in advance (I'm a bad bad gurl, nyahahaha).

It arrived yesterday!

I call her Bonnie.

Isn't it... black? Yes, yes it is.

First thing I did with it was to break a string while tuning. OBVIOUSLY. It's like mandatory for every amateur musician to break a string before you can start getting better.
It's a thing. Google it.

Anyway. I expect to play the shit out of this thing until my fingers bleed tonight. 

On a side note, for those who might be interested about how my life was going (and those who don't give a shit, I expect you didn't read this far anyway), my apprenticeship is about to end in 4 months, give or take. Aaand I've already had my job interview in my current company. They won't take me. They claim it's some kind of money issue and that they don't have the resources to employ any more people. Meh. Well they kinda pushed my ego though, since they totally credited me for all the designs and stuff that I made and that I'm totally gonna be a cool graphic designer one day (if I ever manage to find another job during Euro crisis) and yadda yadda like that.

Sigh. Wish me luck for finding the motivation to juggle school, exams, my work, guitar, drawing and applying  for a new job all at once.