Fire Ferrets, CHARGE!

Yawn. Staying up late for drawing wasn't such a good idea. But hey the stuff I drew turned out pretty good! I finally could sit down and draw all members of the Fire Ferrets.

It was my first try alright.

PABOOO. I love this smelly little ferret. <3 And the Polarbeardog is alright. A little weird with the eyes though. D: But hey he really looks like that!

"Wanna get toe-to-toe with me, PRETTY-BOY?"
Lol. I hated him when he still knew how to bend water, now he's less of a douchebag, so he is alright.

My favourite picture of these. Pabuuu, Bo Liiiinn.

Mako is a indecisive douche sometimes. But he's so hot. ;_;

Buy> some1 to fangirl with me about The Legend of Korra. ;A;